Our Services

QUEST.TV has been helping presenters and organizations to broadcast video online for over 7 years.
Let us help you to broadcast your Free or Pay-Per-View event, video or video archive!
Kevin Shuker & Eric Csoka

Package #1: The LIVE Broadcast

  • You give the Presentation
  • We Broadcast & Record it !
  • We can assist you whether we are on location or connecting from our office.
  • We Create a Landing Page for your broadcast   sample
  • Or embed a video player into your website or webpage
  • Video is viewable on Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices


Package #2: The LIVE Pay-Per-View $$

  • Same as Package #1 plus
  • We create a "Buy" button   sample
  • Customers receive their login username / password by email after completing transaction
  • Optional - Affiliate Program
  • Affiliates can promote your event (which means more $$$ for you) and they receive an affiliate commission !


Package #3: The Pay-Per-View Archive $$

  • Put your video(s) into an archive customers can subscribe to   sample1    sample2
  • Sell online access to individual videos or the entire archive
  • Choose length of time customers can access
  • Offer monthly subscriptions with auto-renew option
  • Affiliate program is available to allow others to promote your videos and earn affiliate commissions
  • Alternatively, you can sell digital downloads where customer makes purchase and downloads file to their computer


Package #4: Convert to DVD

  • We convert your existing tape or video file(s) into a DVD
  • Idea: Make a slideshow with music and save to DVD to share with family


Package #5: The DVD

  • We create your DVD master
  • Supply full color graphics or we can design for you
  • Full color printing on DVD surface
  • Full color insert in crystal case
  • Cello wrapped professional packaging
  • Optional - UPC Bar Code for selling in retail stores

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