Tantra and Kabbalah, Untold Secrets Revealed
Rabbi Ohad Ezrahi, Dawn Cherie Ezrahi and Tantric Daka Ran Baron

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Tantra and the Hebraic Path of Love that was concealed for centuries within Kabalah, are two giant ancient paths that were covered by religious veils and misinterpreted by modern confusions.

Join us for a fascinating panel exposing the depth of knowledge hidden in the heart of the most secret traditions of all. Misunderstood, kept behind a veil of religion, both Tantra and the Hebraic Kabalah hide the most obvious of truths in plain sight. To the untrained heart nothing but ritual and semantic prayer will be revealed, but for a mystic, a true spiritual seeker, these gems of wisdom and clear understanding shine as bright as light.

We will be uncovering and comparing the approaches of classical Tantra and the Kabalistic path of Sacred Sexuality. We will delve into the foundation of Self Acceptance and healthy humor as opposed to religious fanaticism, explore the different approaches tosacred sexuality, sexual expression, male and female ejaculation, question monogamy and show some of the reasoning behind religious institutions in censoring these bodies of knowledge and so much more.

Time: 2 hr 35min
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    2. Tantric Story of Creation with Shiva and Shakti

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    19. Q: Spirituality vs. Sexuality?

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  1. Intros and Rabbi Ohad and Dawn singing.
  2. The Tantric story of creation with the god and goddess Shiva and Shakti.
  3. The Kabbalah story of creation, the divine womb and esoteric concepts of sexuality in Hebraic origins.
  4. Sexuality and lovemaking as a connection to source knowledge and creativity. Misinterpretations of meanings of words over time.
  5. Concept of purity. Women's menstruation from ancient perspectives. Special significance of menstruation in Tantric teaching. Creating better communication in relationships.
  6. Wholeness of the feminine; religion repressing the fullness of femininity thus creating distortions in energy and female identity.
  7. Being in the moment.
  8. Sexual energy as a path to individual growth.
  9. The importance of balance and a holistic viewpoint in sexuality.
  10. Rabbi Ohad and Dawn singing, and What is the meaning of self-sacrifice and it's connection to ego?
  11. Tantric demonstration: "Shaking hands".
  12. Completely falling in love. "Reality is made of love." The practice of opening up to love.
  13. Important relationships of love from a Tantric viewpoint.
  14. Monogamy vs. Polyamory (i.e. multiple lovers). Ancient viewpoints and practicality today. Is Tantra pro-polyamory?
  15. Question: How do we stay open in love when we are attacked with animosity or adversity?
  16. Question: What is the Tantric viewpoint on BDSM, and pain and pleasure in sex?
  17. Questions: Is there an aspect of the Masculine that's rejected, similar to the way part of the Feminine is rejected, which is symbolized by the figure Lilith? The reverse perceptions in society of male and female expression of emotions. Is there a practice to help men harmonize with women when women experience very strong emotional states?
  18. Question: Male orgasm and cultivating sexual energy by non-ejaculation. Tantric vs. Taoist vs. other viewpoints. Male ejaculation as giving one's own essence and the emotional connection of ejaculation in the couple's relationship. Tantric perspective - is one's essence in the semen or some other aspect of the ejaculation?
  19. Question: Is there a conflict between being sexual and spiritual? Are they two separate worlds or one?
  20. Question: Is there a prayer of thanks for making love?
  21. Question: If during lovemaking we uncover trauma or limitation, what do we do?
  22. Question: Is there a Jewish perspective on BDSM? BDSM, surrender and control.
  23. Question: In Kabbalah, Why was the ego created? Rabbi Ohad discusses the "I".
  24. Closing. Group singing led by Rabbi Ohad and Dawn!

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